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Treatment steps


A dedicated counselor listens to the patient’s needs. An explanation of costs and other details is given.
The session concludes with a photograph of the scalp.

02Medical screening

A doctor examines the scalp and inquires about lifestyle, hereditary factors, and other details to form a comprehensive examination and determine a treatment plan.

03Blood test and blood pressure exam

The patient’s current health is checked and a blood test is administered in order to ensure that medication can be safely taken.

04Prescription of medication

A 30-day prescription of medication is prescribed on the day of the initial exam.

Online diagnosis and treatment process

Not only can you make appointments and treatment via a smartphone, you also can pay by credit card. This app makes going to the hospital easier.
① Make an appointment ➡ ② Medical examination ➡ ③ Payment ➡ ④ Receive your medicine

Online Diagnosis & Treatment