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Medical treatment that grows hair with your own cells
Self Dermal
Hair Follicle Graft®


What’s the Self Dermal Hair Follicle Graft®

“Self-Dermal Hair Follicle Graft®” is to collect the scalp skin of your own healthy hairy part and change it solid to liquid with a special machine, injects own cells into the thinning hair part. This is the most advanced medical treatment.

The skin is consisting of the epidermis and the dermis, the average thickness of the epidermis is about 0.2 mm, and 95% of it is composed of cells called epidermal keratinocytes.
On the other hand, the average thickness of the dermis is about 2 mm, and more than 80% is made of collagen fibers, which works in keeping the skin firm.
In this treatment, only liquefied fat cells including the dermis and hair follicles are injected into the area of thinning hair.

Symptoms targeted for this treatment

Premature alopecia
Thinning hair due to aging
Those who are resistant to oral medicine and hair transplantation
Those who have chronic illness and cannot treat other thinning hair

Unapplicable case

Patients with the following conditions may not be able to get this treatment.

  • Positive result of any infectious disease test
  • Pregnant or may be pregnant
  • Previous history of hypersensitivity to human insulin
  • Previous history of hypersensitivity to antibiotics
  • Doctor’s maladaptation judgment

Benefit of this treatment

1.Radical treatment with autologous cells

It is a radical treatment with your own autologous cells, different from transient symptomatic treatment.

2.Low possibility of allergies

It uses its own cells, it is considered that the possibility of foreign matter reaction and allergies is extremely low.

3.Improvement of skin function

It will not only improve the appearance, but also improve and improve the function of your own skin.

4.Minimize damage

The damage to the patient can be minimized.

5.Quick effect

Some people may feel the effect about 2 weeks after the injection, but most of patients feel effect in about 3 to 6 months because of the hair cycle.


The treatment is performed after a thorough examination of the patient’s health condition and hair condition, you could reassure.
If you have any questions or concerns, the doctor will explain them properly, so please feel free to contact us.

Treatment flow


Nerve block anesthesia is performed.

02Collect the skin (Cell)

Collect a few millimeters (about 2-4 mm) of the scalp skin from behind your ears. There is some pain when anesthetizing, but the excision itself is not painful because of anesthetization.
Doctor puts in a stitch to remove a few millimeters of the scalp skin at the time of collection, but the scar is practically unnoticeable. The thread will be removed about one week after the treatment.

03Making of SDHG cocktail

The epidermis of the scalp skin is taken, the cells are cut into small pieces, then a special machine is used to make the SDHG cocktail. A safe impregnant is completed because it is liquefied without cultivation or adding artificial additives by simply shredding its own tissue.

04Inject SDHG cocktail

Doctor injects the SDHG cocktail into the scalp of the thinning hair part. (Napage method) (Pahule method) The depth of the hair follicle is between the dermis layer and the fat layer, so inject it to that depth. It’s takes about 1~2 hours.

05After Injection

Please do not wash your hair with shampoo on the day of injection, you can wash your hair from the next day.
Please do not drinking alcohol, strenuous exercise and bathing on the day of injection, and need a rest.

06Doctor’s examination

After this treatment, please have a regular medical examination.

07About re-treatment

This treatment uses the biomaterial of the person as a raw material, the range that can be injected at one time is limited. Therefore, if the effect is poor once, it is possible to re-treatment.


※The price is depends on the desired injection range.

Range1 time
4cm×4cm330,000JPY(tax included)
8cm×8cm495,000JPY(tax included)
12cm×12cm660,000JPY(tax included)
Anesthesia cream3,000JPY
Nerve block anesthesia0JPY

Necessary time

It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours from anesthesia to the end of the procedure, but the total treatment time depends on the anesthesia and the range of skin collection.

Nerve block anesthesia time10~30 min
Collect the skin (Cell) time30~45 min
Making of SDHG cocktail15~30 min
Inject SDHG cocktail10~20 min
Resting time10~20 min