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Hair growth shampoos and tonics

Many people enjoy using hair growth shampoos and tonics as a means of balancing the scalp and fostering hair growth.

However, there are many cases where none of these products will produce the desired effect and lead to no improvements.

Many of the hair growth shampoos and tonics sold by mail order and elsewhere are merely “quasi-drugs.” They can be purchased by anyone without prescription, meaning they do not contain many active ingredients.

Even using these products for many years, while they may eke out some benefit, they ultimately do not lead to hair regrowth.

What is a better use of your time and money? These products, or real medical treatment?

Hair tonics are not meant to dramatically cure hair loss, but rather act merely as a supplementary aid.

These require at least six months of continued use, and the benefits one can expect vary from individual to individual.

t is important to not place too much stock in these products. Many people are also under the impression that hair growth “salons” and hair clinics are the same thing, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Salons are like beauty parlors; they do not conduct any medical treatment and cannot prescribe medication. The difference is like that between a cosmetic surgery clinic and a beauty salon.

The hair treatment we perform is a proper form of treatment based on medical evidence. Even if you have for many years relied on hair growth shampoos and tonics and enjoyed no results, we can help. If you have relied on hair growth salons and beauty parlors and not gotten the results you seek, worry not.

If you really want to begin seeing hair regrowth, seek consulting at Osaka AGA Kato clinic, a specialist in this field.